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Our National Network
National scale
Our presence nationwide means we can benefit in a number of ways. In terms of purchasing power and efficiencies of scale, and in the way we share best practice.

At the heart of our organization is a team of specialists, experts on hand to support our regional network on issues such as Health and Safety, codes of practice, employment law and the like.

We have offices up and down the country, so you’re never far from a Tshau Protection centre.

Local Answers

When tapping into the demographics and the changing face of the local labour market, our regional offices come into their own.

At Tshau Protection, we monitor trends, competitor activity, typical pay and conditions for the region, even local planning opportunities where new opportunities are likely.

Our regional network means it’s quick and easy to set up appointments to sustain a regular rota of contact meetings with you. We also maintain better access to the skills and resources you need with vetted CV’s on file listing suitable candidates in your area and good relationships with the local press and advertisers near you.

We’re also well placed to respond quickly to change. Issues such as holiday cover and unexpected absence can be dealt with seamlessly. We’re always nearby so we can monitor performance and carry out service level audits on a planned or ad hoc basis.