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Welcome to Tshau Protection Services
Tshau” meaning “Yours”. Tshau is a company that is dedicated to protect what is rightfully yours.

Our Motto:

The property shall remain to its rightful owner.”

Tshau Protection is South Africa’s incorporated private security organization, providing uniform security guard services to privately held businesses, public entities and government facilities. We offer a wide spectrum of services that are uniquely designed to ensure a timely, well planned and properly executed security program that allows our trained security professionals to define a solid plan of action to eliminate potential threats. Tshau Protection is dedicated to identifying critical security issues and implementing a security solution that best fits the dynamics of your business.


Mission Statement

To be leaders in the security industry by providing the best professionally managed guarding and loss control service to our clients. We are committed to improving the quality of life of our employee’s through impartial employment, equal opportunity and continuing development.

"You know when something fits. You barely know it’s there"

At Tshau Protection, our services fit around you, keeping you secure around the clock. Whether discrete or highly visible, our presence is designed and managed to meet your needs [ Read more ]

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