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Tailored Solutions
A security contract with Tshau Protection takes account of your particular situation. The nature of your business, the kind of traffic you anticipate –during your opening hours and out-of-hours –seasonal peaks and so on. An effective deterrent, our professional are on hand, trained to deal with routine and crisis situations.

Our people look after lone workers as well as they look after entire corporations. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, welcoming visitors, providing covers, and patrolling your premises , helping you with security issues and even providing first aid. Our people are recruited and trained to fit as members of your team.

Shopping Centers
Where other security company recruits only E and D grade guards, at Tshau Protection, we take a much broader view. Where dealing with large numbers of public, we recognize that different skills and talents are called for. That’s why we hire men and women with a whole range of people skills, used with dealing with all sorts of customers, from busy mums to cheeky teenagers.

The presence of a high-Tshau security team in your centre smartly uniformed and in constant radio communication, provides a great deterrent and is a real source of comfort to your customers. Our guards can be called upon when assistance is required, especially important where violence or threat of violence is used. We carefully select our guards to ensure they are suitable for retail environment and receive the necessary training to enable them to complete their job successfully.

Tshau Protection acknowledges and accepts the varied challenges associated with retail security. There is nothing more important than providing a positive image of safety and a friendly invitation to your customers, and employees. Genuine public relations are first and foremost on our minds and constitute the justification of our existence. Tshau Protection’s first priority is to maintain a visible, accessible presence in the retail location. Officers are trained to perform many functions while on patrol:

Assist customers
Prevent criminal activity
Observe & report safety hazards
Observe & report equipment malfunctions
Incident reporting
Perform safety inspections

Visitors attractions
Our bespoke solutions adapt to every situation. Indoors or outdoors, at close quarters or over acres of parkland. From welcoming the public to dealing with crowd control at once-off events or throughout the tourist season. We do all this using the best of today’s technology, relying on the best practitioners in the security business.

Large or small, new or existing
Single or multiple sites, we’re small enough to care and big enough to cover it all. Our national networks mean we combine local knowledge with an enviable breadth of experience.

We’re just as happy starting afresh, designing and putting together a new solution from scratch, or welcoming the transfer or your existing team in line with PSIRA regulations.